Sid Ambarkar

Exceptional Service and Success in Our Company’s First H1B Approval

I am thrilled to share our experience with Devang Shah, Namratha and their incredible team at Law Offices of Shah & Kishore. As a company navigating the complex process of H1B visa applications for the first time, we were in need of expert guidance and support. Devang Shah exceeded our expectations at every turn. From the outset, Devang Shah demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge in immigration law. They guided us through the intricacies of the application process with patience and clarity, ensuring we understood each step. Their professionalism and expertise were evident, giving us confidence in a process that was entirely new to us. The real test of their exceptional service came when we faced a Request for Evidence (RFE) from the USCIS. This was a daunting moment for us, but Devang Shah and their team responded with remarkable speed and efficiency. Their strategic approach and meticulous attention to detail in addressing the RFE were outstanding. They left no stone unturned, preparing a comprehensive and compelling response that highlighted our candidate’s qualifications and our company’s needs. Thanks to their diligent work, we received our first H1B approval. This success is a testament to Devang Shah’s skill and dedication. Their team’s responsiveness, coupled with their deep understanding of immigration law, made what could have been a stressful and uncertain process smooth and successful. I cannot recommend Devang Shah and Law Offices of Shah & Kishore highly enough. They have not only helped us achieve our goal but have also set a high standard for what we expect from legal partners. For any company seeking assistance with H1B visas or other immigration matters, look no further than this exceptional team.