Employment Visas

Undoubtedly every company wants the most stress-free and frictionless process when recruiting international employees. Such businesses gravitate toward Shah & Kishore, with a variety of reasons to explain the attraction. Companies like yours value our firm’s vast experience and proven track record in capturing employment visas and H-1Bs, respect our access to a strong network to assist in smooth navigation of the immigration process, and appreciate the committed and knowledgeable staff and management of our firm.

Under the leadership of Devang Shah, a renowned member and thought leader of the immigration law community, the firm has reached feats that make the process of obtaining visas second nature. With the process mapped out through years of experience, our firm knows how to navigate the course flawlessly, with the knowledge of where to go and who to talk to that can only be obtained and applied by a veteran of the industry.

Whether it is an H-1B or any other type of work visa, the opportunity for your company and for its new employees increases significantly when Shah & Kishore is added to the formula. Our firm is a key asset for the recruitment of distinctive international technology talent, whether you are a startup looking to grow and bring in skilled individuals to help boost that growth, or an established technology company looking to maintain your strong position in the industry by keeping your talent pool fresh and innovative.