vishal kumar

Devang is not a good attorney, he is simple GENIUS

I have worked with this guy for the last 9 years for various complex H1-b related immigration matters.
I needed help on different types of cases (A. Consulting arragement with End client, B. Startup situation with no product launched) each with its own complexities. some of them were very difficult.
The Strategy that Devang uses to handle with various cases is extremely different and creative. sometimes it surprises me.
In todays age, immigration has become very complex and you cant just rely on average/above average attorneys. you need brilliant people. you need creative people who think differently. Who adapt with changing times.

Devang is one such guy.
He has excellent para legal staff. (Serena is such a perfectionist. she is always on top of things. it saves a lot of time and energy. plus she “thinks” unlike many other para legals i have worked in the past).