Determine Your Eligibility for Domestic Renewal of H-1B Visa

The State Department will launch a Pilot Program on January 29, 2024 for visa renewals in the United States. Initially there will be 20,000 applications approved for visas. To limit the number of applications they receive under the Pilot Program, the Department has limited the scope of who is eligible to apply.

  • The Department of State’s Pilot Program for processing H-1B Visa Stamping renewals will begin accepting applications on January 29, 2024. Only 4,000 slots will be available each week for five weeks for a total of 20,000 applicants.
  • Once the limit is reached each week, the online portal will be locked until the following week’s slots are released.
  • There are several criteria that need to be met for the Department to approve the domestic visa stamping renewal. If the Department decides that you do not qualify for a domestic visa stamping under the Pilot Program, the Department will deny the application and will not refund any fees that were paid.
  • Average processing time is expected to be 6-8 weeks from the time that the passport and other required documents are received by the Department.
  • Requests for expedited processing will not be considered.

To see if you might be a qualified candidate for application, please use the self-assessment tool below.