Documents Required

We will require the following documents from you to begin your Employment Based Permanent Resident Case:

  1. Educational diplomas and transcripts
  2. Educational evaluation if you have one.
  3. Experience Letter from previous employers.

Each Experience Letter must contain the following:

  1. Be on company letterhead with the company address and phone number
  2. Have the dates of employment
  3. State the Position Title
  4. State detailed duties of the position
  5. Signed by a authorized company official

If you are unable to obtain a letter with all of the above elements, you may provide a combination of the following. The more information/documents provided, the greater the likelihood of success. Through the company experience letter and/or the documents below, the above five elements must be evidenced.

  1. Letters from co worker(s) [sample]
  2. Letters used for immigration purposes such as a letter to the consulate, letters in support of a petition
    (H-1B, L, TN etc.)
  3. Offer Letters
  4. Resignation Letters
  5. Salary statements and/or W-2’s
  6. If you were on H-1B or L-1 status a copy of your petition, support letter and approval notice.